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Life-Changing Health Products, Medicinals & Wellness!
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Angeline Pacy coordinates Integrative Health Work where she acts as a dedicated medical liaison with a mission to promote life-saving & exciting interventions, including:

♦ Medical Devices
♦ Nutraceuticals
♦ Pharmaceuticals
♦ Biotechnology
♦ Healthy Lifestyle

Angeline Utilizes Platforms Such As:

♦ Medical Writing (development, editing & QC)
♦ Training (group & individual)
♦ Research

Original Deliverables Include:

♦ Technical Documents
(with enhanced, psychology-based presentation)

♦ Presentations & Group Moderation
(certified speaker & past MIT Toastmasters President)

♦ Co-Creation of Clinical/Regulatory Documents 
(IND, NDA, BLA, IMPD, CSRs, Investigator Brochures)

♦ Healthcare Provider Education Materials

♦ Up-to-Date Articles

♦ Researching the State-of-Science
(literature review & systematic review)

​Currently, Angeline Pacy consults in both biomedical research & integrative health. As a medical communications specialist, Angeline supports the development, approval & marketing of exciting therapies (including gene therapy & regenerative medicines).

As a certified wellness coach with ongoing continuing educating in the health sciences, Angeline enjoys inspiring her community to achieve greater wellness (by using the best of what science & medicine offers for them as individuals). Angeline focuses in on the health & longevity properties of various international diets & lifestyles, then adapts them to create maximum success tools for you today!

Angeline comes from an early background in nutraceutical sciences. Metaphorically speaking, she grew up in the nutritional supplement & health food centers her father managed.

Angeline's early education in nutritional health products & diet inspired her life-long passion for medicine & healing. She often explored the works of Dr. Carl Pfeiffer in those early years (a priceless foundation).

She went on to study formally in biology, psychology & sociology (and the important spaces where those critical areas overlap). System's Theory guides her approach to healthcare.
About Angeline's Fascinating 
Healthcare Background...